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Marlene Hansen has received rave reviews from her clients. Please read below and see how people in every profession and from every walk of life can benefit from the assistance of a professional organizer.

"I can’t begin to thank you enough for the order and focus you have brought to me. I have always been able to organize everyone else except me... I found myself drowning in disorganization. I was so overwhelmed...I was practically paralyzed and unable to do anything. I would literally walk into my office, sit down and just stare at the walls, not knowing where to start.

You immediately helped me to implement a time management system that stopped me from feeling overwhelmed...

My office is now a pleasure to walk into and to do work in... I now spend my time and money on marketing my business – and it is paying off with increased business...

You have not only helped me and my businesses to become organized, you actually have given me the tools to be able to organize on my own...[t]his skill alone is worth your fee many times over.

For those people who say they can not afford the services of an organizer, I say this: You can’t afford not to. Not if you want to succeed in your business (or personal life or any endeavor). Clutter kills...

PS: Your “spot visit” service should be mandatory for your clients – this alone keeps my office pristine. And someday it will just become a habit!"

Linda Machado
The Flamenco Studio, Tempe, AZ

"Marlene Hansen is a true professional. My office was a disaster before I was lucky enough to meet her.

Her techniques for paper flow and computer data are outstanding and probably save me at least an hour a day.

Her "pending file" and "priority item" systems are invaluable, I heartily recommend Marlene to anyone attempting to become organized!"

Frank S. Nightingale
Financial Advisor

"I am SO loving it!

It feels like a totally different house, space, environment - all of the above and more!

Thank you again for all of your wonderful ideas and the accepting, non-judgmental way in which you present them - you are amazing!

Looking forward to working with you again."

Amy Perciballi
Voice Teacher

"... I was living an office nightmare. My office was actually in almost every room in my house. I have a couple of different online and offline businesses and I was seriously lacking in organization.

I met Marlene at a networking event and decided that if I wanted to succeed in my businesses, I needed help getting not only organized but focused. I scheduled an appointment with Marlene and it was one of the best business and personal decisions that I have ever made.

I followed her instructions and am already turning my businesses and my home around for great success. I would not hesitate for a moment to recommend her as an expert and friend.

Thanks so much for your help and guidance."

Michelle Reynolds
Business owner, Chandler, AZ

"Before Marlene came to my office at work, I thought it was impossible to feel comfortable and stress free in my small space.

In the first couple of minutes I was so embarrassed by the way my office was (cluttered with paper and....paper). I had no idea how to manage my to-do lists, or keep a planner/calendar of my time. Marlene changed all of this in no time at all. Not only did she show me what was stressing me out in my environment, but she gave me “quick fix” tips on how to change it. I had old Christmas cards that I refused to take down off the walls (it is March!), but by the 2nd hour, I was throwing them away on my own, without a second thought.

Marlene is such a wonderful woman with a kind heart and it shows that she really wants to help people feel calm and collected at work. She taught me that all it takes is the use of a trash can, lessening noise pollution, and the desire to make any environment better for your physical and mental well-being.

I am going on one week in my improved office space, and I feel SO much better. I can only imagine that as time moves forward, my new organization skills will shine through in any projects or tasks that I complete. THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH MARLENE!!!!"

Talia Bugnone
Executive Chef

"Sometimes we meet someone that has the professionalism that we are looking for combined with the compassion and understanding that the task at hand requires. Such a person is Ms. Marlene Hansen.

I am someone that put off this whole organizational thing believing that I could do it myself and then it never got done. I had talked with other organizers before so no one seemed to really get what I needed.

Marlene is a genius at organization and finding things that work for the individual style of her client. She has a great manner and psychological insight that allows her to really understand the dynamics of clutter and hoarding.

She is easy to work with yet is adept at keeping you motivated and on task. I find myself using her techniques even when she is not around so in effect she is changing my head along with my office.

I would recommend her without hesitation as one of the finest and most talented woman that I have ever had the pleasure to work with. Hiring her has enhanced my organization and my life and I know that it will do the same for you."

Jacci Caplin,M.S.W.,C.I.S.W.
Individual, Relationship & Group Counseling

I met Marlene at a Networking mixer about a month ago. What a difference she has made in my life in that short amount of time. I invited her to help me get every part of my home organized…desk, closet, bedroom, kitchen, etc.

I have a full time, demanding job and go to school at night. It’s really necessary for me to have a desk but my room is too small. Marlene spotted an area in the living room that could be converted into an office just by moving some furniture around. I bought a desk and when she came back the following week she taught me how to organize my home, work and school files into about a dozen categories. I would have started a separate file for each item ending up with about 50 categories! I was delighted to see that the pile of papers I didn’t know what to do with quickly dwindled away as we put the new filing system into action. She also suggested that I use different colored folders to make retrieval easier and I loved that idea.

Next week she is coming over to tackle my closet. Marlene has a comforting way about her and I never felt that I was talking to a stranger I had just met. Since no one ever teaches us these skills I think that everyone should work with a Professional Organizer at least once in their lives. I have already recommended her to several friends and feel that the lessons learned last a lifetime.

Stefanie Hadland
Berge Ford Fleet Sales
Phoenix, AZ

In three hours, Marlene Hansen totally re-organized my home office which had gotten out of control. The improvement in how the room looked and how I felt in it were amazing. I never realized how stressful it was for me to walk into a cluttered office and try to work at a desk that was piled with papers. Marlene created a system designed especially for me and my assistant that enabled us to stay on top of our paperwork. She took the time to really listen to our needs and to find out what worked best for each of us. She gently guided us and made a number of suggestions that we implemented. One of the most helpful hints was how to eliminate using scraps of paper when taking calls. We no longer rely on sticky notes, thanks to Marlene.

Also, we were inundated with flyers that we wanted to keep but never knew where to put them so they stayed on the desk top only to be lost or mistakenly inserted in a file we were working on. Marlene taught us an easy and quick way to keep track of flyers for workshops, etc. without taking up room on the desk or in the file cabinets.

Marlene immediately makes you feel at ease and can instill a sense of calm in any chaotic environment. She loves doing what she does and it shows.

This is an investment that more than pays for itself.

Janet Conchy
Ahwatukee Home Staging
Phoenix, AZ

Marlene organized my kitchen and created room I never knew I had. Living alone in a small house is a challenge. I hardly have any counter space in the kitchen and so every inch was taken up with appliances I hardly ever used. Marlene used her creativity to find ways to store my appliances that I would never have thought of, thereby, clearing my counter tops. She also helped me de-clutter my closet. It is so hard to make decisions on what to get rid of when you are alone. Marlene asked me several questions that made it absolutely clear what was to go and what was to stay. I am 82 years old and have many memories in that closet but thanks to Marlene’s caring way I feel that I was able make all the right decisions.

Dora M.

Marlene Hansen is one of those rare individuals who will deliver on her promises. She clearly understands how to maximize space; she is as detailed in her organizational preparation as she is in her execution. Marlene is full of great ideas, thorough and a joy to work with.

Les Taylor
President/CEO of Achievement Solutions, LLC

I do not know how to thank you. When I first saw my brother's house I was in shock over his death and at the condition of his home. What you have accomplished is miraculous.

I will always remember your lighting a candle in his room and asking me to leave his picture in the house as you worked to sort through his belongings.

You are more than a Professional Organizer, you are a friend.

Glenn Turner

Marlene arrived at our home precisely on time. Her huge smile was sooo contagious!!!!! She was like a child in a candy shop when she saw the disastrous place we had been calling a "garage".

We laughed & chatted our way thru the day, barely stopping for a bite to eat. It was like a miracle!!! Before I knew it, the clock read 4 p.m. & I could not believe what we had accomplished.

It would NEVER have happened without her guidance & HARD work. To me it was worth every dollar!!!!!

Claudia Kennedy
Voice Teacher
Phoenix, AZ

I am usually viewed by others as an organized person, but I hired Marlene to help me reorganize my business files, which I had been frustrated with for months. I knew I had filed things, but would not remember where I had filed them. She had already helped two of my networking associates with their filing systems so I knew she would be a good resource for me.

She was able to customize a more efficient filing system for my business that saves time and reduces stress...and was able to free up space in the process. Marlene is trustworthy and provided me with several fantastic ideas and tools to help me be organized even beyond my business files. She has a great deal of knowledge in several areas due to diversified life/career experiences and was able to share information for my business that I was not even aware of. I would recommend her services to anyone—even if you are someone who is generally organized like me.

Martha Pfeifer, Effusion Design
Website Designing Firm

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