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First of all, just what is a professional organizer?
According to the NAPO (National Association of Professional Organizers), of which I am a proud member, Professional Organizers "provide information, products and assistance to help others organize to meet their needs. A professional organizer should guide, encourage and educate clients about basic principles of organizing by offering support, focus and direction." For more information about the NAPO and what it means to be an NAPO certified professional organizer, please see the NAPO FAQ.

I am embarrassed to have you see my mess. Will you think I am your worst nightmare?
There is absolutely no reason to be embarrassed. Often, my clients are among the busiest people I know and they have so much to do that they just can’t keep up with work, chores, mail, bills, home, children, pets, volunteering, home/pool maintenance, email, commute, co-workers, boss, exercise, family, friends, church, etc. So, I am actually glad that they took the time to call me and that I can be of value to them.

How do you deal with different personalities?
I usually ask a number of questions in order to understand you, your thoughts and feelings. After that, we work together and keep communicating so that you feel heard at every step of the project. I believe in a holistic approach to organizing which involves the whole person and we always do what YOU want in a way that is most comfortable to you.

Do you come alone? Will I have to be home?
Yes and yes. I come alone unless it’s a big job like a move and I do prefer you to be home so that we can work together. I need to know what you think and feel about the process you now use and help you to create a system that will work for you in the future. Each person is different and has varying needs and approaches to life. All that is taken into consideration when designing a plan for you and your lifestyle.

Will you teach me how to do this on my own so I won’t need help in the future?
Yes, when we are done working together, you will feel that you have a system that can last a lifetime. I will always be available if the system needs readjusting after we have set it up. You can call, email or have me visit again. Keeping up a new habit takes time and I can help you stay on track by coaching you along the way.

Will you do some of the maintenance work for me?
Yes. I have a maintenance program especially for clients who want someone else to keep up with their organizing projects. I have a special rate for maintenance which is less than my normal fee.

How much do you charge?
Each project is unique and I do have special rates for large projects or full days. My rate is hourly and a lot can get accomplished or taught in 2 to 3 hours which usually costs less than a fancy night out on the town. For more details on rates, please contact me.

What are your credentials?
I have a Master’s Degree in Information Science and have been in the Information business for over 25 years. I have managed and coordinated information projects for large educational institutions and have created information management systems for city officials. I am a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) and am also an Accredited Staging Professional Realtor®.

Will you talk about me to other people?
A Professional Organizer who is a member of NAPO (National Association of Professional Organizers) abides by a strict Code of Ethics which includes honesty, integrity and confidentiality. I liken myself to a lawyer. All that transpires between us is kept strictly confidential.

How long will it take to get me organized?
Every person, project, home, business is different. It all depends on the amount of work you are willing to do and the size of the project

What is an Accredited Staging Professional Realtor®?
I have available the services to Stage your home for sale, after it’s organized, of course. As a Keller Williams Realtor® (Sonoran Living), I can also market and sell your home. A home that looks like a model and has neat closets, garages and uncluttered rooms makes a better first impression on buyers. A Staged Home sells quicker than one that is vacant or not Staged and often stands out from the rest.

I have lived like this for a long time, why should I change now?
If you are feeling stressed or unhappy about your surroundings, it may be due to the fact that you feel out of control and overwhelmed. Sometimes we insulate ourselves from the world around us by buying things and then find that there is a price to pay for keeping those things.

Can you come to my business and give a workshop?
Yes. Sometimes, we can’t tell co workers that they need a Professional Organizer. So, recommending a group presentation is a tactful way of getting everyone in the office thinking about their environment and the message it sends.

I know a friend who could really use your services. What do you recommend I do?
Share your experience. Show them before and after pictures. If they seem interested and would be open to receiving Organizing as a gift, buy them a gift certificate for Organizing Services.

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